Registratie Zoomtalk Queering Architecture

Dit is een bijdrage van Het Nieuwe Instituut

Queering Architecture focuses on diverse practices and strategies which integrate different gender perspectives and reflections on dissident sexualities in the architecture profession. Adam Nathaniel Furman and Setareh Noorani are the guest speakers for this conversation moderated by Michael Andrés Forero Parra.

Research upon research and survey after survey seem to confirm what is easily observable in most architecture schools and practices today: architecture persistently has a problem with diversity and representation.

As contemporary societies have come to increasingly acknowledge and embrace their diversity, the continued lack of representation and visibility in the realm of architecture must be addressed and questioned. Such scrutiny should not only attempt to understand these systemic conditions but also, and more importantly, propose and develop possible solutions.

Firmly grounded in the Dutch context, the Curatorial Research Collective‘s 2021 talk series will interrogate the particular conditions affecting architecture schools, professional practice, as well as the built environment. By reviving decades-old conversations and daring to imagine transformation beyond analysis, the CRC hopes to break through the impasse of what has been too often described as a veritable “circle of blame” and the surging trend towards righting injustices.

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